Foorumi keskus

Lunch specials

Salad of the week
Green -salad mix,
peppers, tomatoes, olive, 
radish and egg.
2,50 €
*Feta cheese 4,50€
*Smoked salmon 5,50€
*Chicken fillet 4,50€


 Fish soup  3.-

Creamy carrot and orange puree soup 3.-

Chicken and oyster chili sauce with boiled potatoes 5.-  


Chicken soup with pasta and dill  3.-

Zucchini puree soup with baked cherry tometoes 3.-

Sea bass cutlet with mashed potatoes and lemon sauce 5.-


Fresh cabbage soup with meat 3€

Creamy potato and parsnip puree soup with pumkin seeds 3.-

Beef stew with plums, served with rice 5€


Creamy mushroom soup with chicken  3.-
Smoked cheese puree soup with garlic croutons 3.-
Chili con carne with rice and vegetables  5.-


Meatballs soup with white beans 3€
Celeriac and potato puree soup with crispy bacon 3€
Overcooked chicken fillet served with vegetables-couscous and creamy cheece sauce 5€

 Lõuna eripakkumised on saadaval 11:00-15:00.
Head isu!